What Is Raven Oil And The Steps To Dye Leather Products With It

We all want our shoes to keep their quality over time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen on its own. Regular care for shoes is important in order to keep them in a pristine state, and there are many ways you can do this. From brushing off any dust and dirt off your shoes as often as they need it, to using sprays which protect against weather damage and even cleaning products to maintain their look. Leather shoes in particular, can easily become noticeably scuffed or faded, so an extra amount of attention is sometimes necessary in keeping them looking good. When your leather shoes fade, there are certain steps by using shoe polish products you can take to bring back that leather shine.

Raven oil to the rescue


Raven oil is a well renowned leather dye product that will bring the color of your leather back to its former glory. Available in all the colors of leather, you no longer need to be embarrassed by wearing old faded shoes. Leather shoe care has never been so easy. With raven oil you will be able to restore not only your old leather shoes, but any natural leather will benefit from its use, from your cherished leather jacket to a leather bag that needs a little sprucing up. It should also be noted that raven oil is not suitable for use on synthetic leathers.

Simply use a soft bristled shoe brush or a soft cloth, apply the raven oil to a small area of the leather first. This is to make sure the color of the dye will match with your shoe before going over the entire area. It is recommended to find an area which will not be noticeable, just in case the coloring isn’t correct. If you are happy with the initial application, proceed to applying it over the entire area you require dyed.

Apply carefully with even strokes along the grain of the leather, raven oil will soon have your items looking as good as if you had just bought it. The main thing to remember when applying leather dye, is to ensure you have covered all the areas evenly. The last thing you want is patchy looking leather, as this would be even more noticeable than it simply being faded.

We all want our shoes to stay perfect forever, this may not be possible, but taking care of our leather shoes properly, will keep them looking as good as new for much longer. Proper care for leather is important has the quality does lessen over time. Raven oil leather dye is an excellent product for achieving a high level of care for your shoes. Simple to use and available in many colors, raven oil is the product your leather shoes have been waiting for. Try it out yourself and see your old faded leather items take on a new life.

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